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Vintage Pendants-Round Lapis Lazuli-Inlaid Afghani Silver-Quantity 1

Vintage Round Handmade Inlaid Afghani Silver Pendants. This pendant is unique, one of a kind and handmade in Afghanistan, some inlay not filled in. This beautiful pendant was crafted in a traditional design of Central Asia. Pendants such as this are worn by the nomadic Kuchi people who inhabit the arid regions of Afghanistan. Admire the detailed metalwork and traditional handmade patterns that are characteristic of this unique style. Please check out all the photos provided, as these pieces have a lovely time-worn appearance and natural wear, adding to the vintage pieces' character.

Shape/Style: Pendant
Size: 60x55x10mm 
Two Loop Hole Size: 5mm
Type: Inlaid Afghani Silver
Color: Lapis Lazuli
Quantity: 1

All Sizes Approximate