Nunn Design-Pewter-11x14mm Mini Star Charm-Antique Gold-Quantity 1

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Nunn Design - These quality charms are made in the USA lead-free pewter, plated in 24kt Gold and aged to look like a piece of antiquity.

Symbolizes good luck and protection – This particular star charm is a nautical star. Stars have been thought of as a good luck symbols for centuries. Sailors sometimes decorated themselves with tattoos of nautical stars as a totem of protection and luck against the unknown turbulent and often dangerous seas. The nautical star helped to remind them which way was true North. Since ancient times, our ancestors have turned to the starts to read luck and to navigate the path of safety.

Shape/Style: Mini Star Charm
Color: Antique Gold
Outer Dimension: 14.4 x 11.3 x 2.6mm
Hole Size: 1mm
Quantity: 1

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