Color Palette Components

Color Palette Necklace Components Tamara Scott Designs

Component List:

Ceramic Beads-6x8mm Tube-Rose Water-Quantity 3
Leather Cord-1.5mm Round-Soft-Light Pink-1 Meter
Ceramic Beads-4x6mm Tube-Rose Pink-Quantity 3
Ceramic Beads-15mm Octahedron-Antique Rose-Quantity 1
Ceramic Beads-10x13mm Coarse Round Tube-Rose Pink-Quantity 2
Ceramic Beads-16mm Rounded Disc-Rose Water-Quantity 3
Ceramic Beads-10x5.8mm Tube-Rose Pink-Quantity 3
Ceramic Beads-15mm Rounded Tube-Pink Splash-Quantity 2
Supplies-4-Ply Waxed Irish Linen-Light Rose-1 Yard
Ceramic Beads-6mm Square Disc-Fuchsia Rose-Quantity 2
Ceramic Beads-10x13mm Round Tube-Tangerine-Quantity 1
Ceramic Beads-13mm Round Disc-Hot Pink-Quantity 2
Ceramic Beads-11mm Octahedron-Tangerine-Quantity 1
Ceramic Beads-13mm Round Disc-Orange Splash-Quantity 2
Ceramic Beads-6mm Large Hole Square Disc-Celadon-Quantity 2
Ceramic Beads-11mm Octahedron-Celadon-Quantity 1
Ceramic Beads-12mm Round-Honeydew-Enamel-Quantity 1
Ceramic Beads-13mm Round Disc-Lime Green-Quantity 2
Ceramic Beads-16mm Coarse Round-Chartreuse-Quantity 1
Ceramic Beads-13mm Round Disc-Green Patina-Quantity 2
Ceramic Beads-10x13mm Coarse Round Tube-Green Patina-Quantity 1
Ceramic Beads-8mm Square Disc-Green Patina-Quantity 3
Ceramic Beads-11mm Octahedron-Green Patina-Quantity 1
Ceramic Beads-5mm Cube-Green Patina-Quantity 1

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