Bead Kits-Brass Butterfly-Single Necklace Kit-Gold-Quantity 1

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Create a "Brass Butterfly" necklace for an Ultra-feminine statement making piece. The kit includes a mix of casting metals, pewter, brass, ceramics, and leather. "Brass Butterfly" fastens with a bead and loop clasp. Pair this with any look for an interesting element of color and texture.

The Gold "Brass Butterfly" bead kit includes everything you need to make a necklace as shown on our blog.

The Bead Kit Includes:

Brass-23x18mm Beaded Flat Spiral Tube Bead-Tibetan-Quantity 1
Pewter-10mm Double Rope Bead-Antique Gold-Quantity 1
Casting-5x11mm Heart Tube-Brass-Quantity 1
Pewter-13mm Flat Butterfly Tube Bead-Antique Gold-Quantity 1
Pewter-13mm Textured Flower Cap-Antique Gold-Quantity 1
Pewter-13mm Dragonfly Bead-Small-Antique Gold-Quantity 1
Pewter-8mm Folded Round Bead with Lines-Antique Gold-Quantity 2
Pewter-8x14mm Flat Long Oval Design Tube Bead-Antique Gold-Quantity 1
Pewter-8mm Flat Square Bead-Antique Gold-Quantity 2
Pewter-17x18mm Flat Round Design Tube Bead-Antique Gold-Quantity 1
Brass Beads-16x4mm Flat Bicone Bead-Bronze-Quantity 24
Brass Beads-16x4mm Flat Bicone Bead-Silver-Quantity 4
Casting Beads-14x18mm Ancient Tube-Antique Silver-Quantity 1
Casting-9x10mm Heart Bead-Antique Silver-Quantity 1
Casting Beads-14x13mm Tiny Butterfly-Antique Silver-Quantity 1
Casting Beads-7mm Ornate Heart-Antique Silver-Quantity 2
Ceramic Beads-5mm Round-Antique Silver-Quantity 3
Ceramic Beads-3mm Tube-Silver-Quantity 6
Carved-10mm Rondelle Bead-Off White Black Rings-2mm Large Hole-Quantity 6
Carved-14mm Chunky Rondelle Bead Black Line Design-Off White-Quantity 1
Ceramic Beads-9mm Round-Taupe Grey-Quantity 2
Ceramic Beads-6x5mm Tube-Terra Cotta-Quantity 5
Ceramic Beads-7mm Cube-Bebe Smile-Quantity 2
Ceramic Beads-13mm Round Disc-Antique Purple-Quantity 2
Ceramic Beads-11mm Octahedron-Celadon-Quantity 1
Ceramic Beads-6x8mm Tube-Dusty Blue-Quantity 1
Ceramic Beads-8x5mm Rectangle Tube-Seafoam Splash-Quantity 4
Ceramic Beads-13mm Round Disc-Green Patina-Quantity 2
Findings-8mm Tiny Granular Bead Cap-Green Patina-Quantity 2
Ceramic Beads-3mm Tube-Green Patina-Quantity 12
Ceramic Beads-7x9mm Tube-Green Patina-Quantity 1
Leather Cord-1mm Round-Soft-Natural Charcoal Grey-2 Meters

Basic Instructions
Tie the first leather knot at 1/2 inch, add the clasp beads, knot on the other side. Skip 1/4 inch and add another knot. String beads as shown centering the dragonfly. End the necklace with a knot. Create a loop and double the knot to create a bead and loop clasp, skip a 3/4 inch space, tie another knot add the three accent beads and end with a knot, trim at 1/4 inch. The necklace length is 30 Inches. Enjoy : )

Basic Bead Stringing Knowledge Required.

All Sizes Approximate - Finishes Vary