Book of Beads : A Practical and Inspirational Guide to Beads and Jewelry Making-Showcases a Wide Range of Beads and Photographs-125 Pages

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This exquisite book showcases a wide range of beads through stunning color photographs. It provides helpful design tips for planning beautiful jewelry and covers various practical considerations. The book includes step-by-step project instructions and features design suitable for evening wear, summer styles, holiday looks, weddings, and African and Indian-inspired pieces. Even the purely informational and visual sections offer endless inspiration and ideas for beaded creations. Please check out all the photos provided, and kindly note that all sales are final.

Type: Hardcover book
Title: The Book of beads-a practical & inspirational guide to beads & jewelry making
Author: Janet Coles and Robert Budwig
Size: 9x11 1/2 x1/2 inches (125 pages)
Weight: Less than one pound
Condition: Good (Pre-owned)

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