Painted Lady Bracelet

Painted Lady Leather Bracelet Tamara Scott Designs

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Component List:
17mm Rondelle Bead With Grooves-Taupe Sage Enamel-Quantity 1
4x6mm tube-Sage Green-Quantity 2
17mm Coarse Tube-Blue Lime-Quantity 1
6/0 Round-1251 Matte Metallic Turquoise-Quantity 1
116mm Donut-Deep Sea-Quantity 1
16mm Coarse Round-Turquoise-Quantity 1
14mm Powdered-Teal Stripe-Quantity 2
10x13mm Coarse Tube-Rose Pink-Quantity 1
7mm Cube-Bebe Smile-qty. 2
16mm Rounded Disc-Rose Water-Quantity 2
6mm Square Disc-Sienna Pink-Quantity 1
6mm Square Disc-Earthy Metallic Gold-Quantity 
10mm Dot Spacer-Antique Bronze-Quantity 1
14mm Stripe Cage Filigree-Quantity 1
5x7mm Square Dagger-Antique Silver-Quantity 1
4x10mm Tiny Swirl-Antique Silver-Quantity 1
15mm Scalloped Bead Cap-Antique Silver-Quantity 1
15mm Flower Cap-Antique Silver-Quantity 1
16mm Round-Silver-Quantity 1
5mm Round-Dark Taupe Splash-Quantity 4
12mm Round-Antique Chrome-Raku-Quantity 2
13mm Round Disc-Dark Taupe Splash-Quantity 2
Rondelle Bead-Brown With White Dots-Quantity 1
1mm Round-Natural Charcoal Grey-Quantity 1 Meter

Basic Instructions
Run the leather through the 4x10mm Tiny Swirl Bead centering on the doubled leather. Run each end of the leather on each side of the 15mm flower bead cap. The Tiny Swirl Bead will sit in the center of the flower. Tie an overhang knot and double the leather. Cut a four inch single piece of leather and tie and knot over both strands of leather, add a 6mm square disc sienna pink bead and a seed bead to one end and the tiny butterfly to the other end, knot and trim. Start adding your first bead, sliding over both strands of leather. Continue to string beads as shown. Add knots to create loops slightly larger than the button, two or three may be added depending on your bracelet length, trim ends and enjoy :)

Painted Lady Leather Bracelet Components Tamara Scott Designs

Painted Lady Leather Bracelet Finished Jewelry Tamara Scott Designs