Modern Metal Leather Necklace

July 06, 2017

Modern Metal Leather Necklace Blog Tamara Scott Designs

Modern Metal - Two Strand Leather Necklace 

Fold a 2 meter piece of 2mm leather cord in half, add a 6x8mm leather crimp to create a 1 inch loop. Flat crimp with needle nose, chain nose, or flat nose pliers. String top and bottom beads as shown above. Crimp the second crimp after measuring the necklace lengths (top row 16 1/2 inches - bottom row 20 inches from crimp to crimp). You can add or subtract length for a custom fit. Add a 16mm donut bead after the second crimp, knot and cut. See Components Below...

12x19mm green patina casting - 1 charm
13mm green patina ornamental cube - 1 bead
19x24mm granular green patina - 1 pendant
8x12mm green patina flat round oval tube with lines - 1 bead
13mm green patina coarse - 2 beads
5mm green patina cube - 7 beads
31mm green patina dagger - 4 beads
30x6mm green patina tube - 3 beads
23mm green patina dagger - 11 beads
7mm green patina cube - 4 beads
8x10mm antique turquoise rectangle tube - 2 beads
16mm antique sage donut - 1 bead
6mm antique copper large hole square disc - 24 beads
2mm natural antique brown soft leather cord - 2 meters
6x8mm antique copper leather crimp bead - 2 crimps

Shop Modern Metal Leather Necklace Components Tamara Scott Designs

Shop Modern Metals Necklace Tamara Scott Designs

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