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Heart Inspired Leather Necklace

August 02, 2017

Heart Inspired Leather Necklace Blog Tamara Scott Designs

Heart Inspired Leather Necklace - The two-strand necklace fastens with a hook and eye clasp and the length is 17 - 19 inches.

Basic Instructions - Fold the leather cord in half creating a two strand necklace. String the hook end of the clasp at the fold centering it on the leather cord. String two 5mm cube beads over both strands of leather cord. Separate the strands and start stringing the beads as shown in the photograph. Add jump rings to the heart, star, butterfly charms and inspire connector before stringing. When you finish adding the beads, end the necklace with two 5mm cube beads, stringing them over both strands of leather cord as you did in the beginning. String the eye end of the clasp on one strand of the leather cord and tie in a knot placing the strands so they lay flat. Add accent beads and end with knots. Enjoy!

The available components are listed below...

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Heart Inspired Necklace Components

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