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Earth Metals (necklace length 18-19 inches) - basics - fold leather cord in half, add a leather crimp to create a one inch loop. The leather and hole sizes will vary, open the holes slightly more with a bead reamer if needed and cut your leather ends at a 45-degree angle before stringing gently pulling through the holes. String a donut bead over both strands of leather cord (6-7 inches from crimp). Separate the leather cord and insert through each end of a three hole multi spacer. Start stringing as shown below connecting in the center with a wide spike bead and ending with another donut bead. Measure approximately 6-7 inches, add a leather crimp bead, donut bead, knot and cut ends.

2mm natural antique brown leather cord - 2 meters
6x8mm bronze, black, copper or antique silver leather crimp - quantity 2
31mm matte silver dagger - quantity 6
31mm matte bronze dagger - quantity 2
31mm antique copper dagger - quantity 4
23mm antique bronze dagger - quantity 10
25mm wide spike two hole bead - quantity 1
50x7.7mm curved tube - quantity 2
18x7mm three hole spacer - quantity 2
4x6mm chocolate tube - quantity 8
6mm large hole square disc - quantity 16
16mm donut - quantity 3

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