Ancient Glass Necklace

June 11, 2018

Ancient Glass Necklace Blog Tamara Scott Designs

Ancient Glass Necklace - A mixture of  metal, glass, ceramic, bone, and brass - slider beads are added to the connectors for a unique addition. The necklace length is approximately 32-34 inches and fastens with a toggle clasp closure. 

Basic Instructions - (The necklace is built in three parts), Start by adding a locking jump ring to the focal coin, slide to the center of your beading wire, string beads on each side as shown in the photo ending with a crimp tube bead, 4mm cube bead, and a 13mm round disc, attach both ends to wavy bar connectors. Add slider beads over the wavy bar connectors - 17mm square and 13mm ridged tube to the right side, 17mm rondelle with grooves and 13mm ridged tube to the left side. Continue stringing both sides of the necklace starting with a 4mm cube bead, crimp tube bead, and hishi spacer - continue stringing beads as shown in the photograph ending the necklace with a brass hishi spacer, 4mm cube bead, crimp bead, 4mm cube bead - run through the toggle clasp. Enjoy!

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Shop Ancient Glass Necklace Tamara Scott Designs

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