Vintage Charms and Connectors-Lapis Lazuli And Nickel Silver-One of a Kind-Choose Your Style-Quantity 1

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This vintage lapis charm or connector is set in nickel silver and is a fragment from larger one of a kind jewelry piece. The connector has a unique one of a kind shape handmade in Afghanistan.

Shape/Style: Charm or Connector
Type: Nickel Silver And Lapis Lazuli
Color: Blue and Silver
Quantity: 1 Charm or Connector (Choose Your Style)

Size in Millimeters
36. 14 W x 25H x 4D
37. 8 W x 37H x 5D
38. 15 W x 35H x 4D
39. 15 W x 27H x 4D
40. 13 W x 35H x 4D
41. 15 W x 27H x 4D
42. 16 W x 35H x 4D
43. 12 W x 16H x 5D
44. 12 W x 35H x 5D

All Sizes Approximate