Bead Kits-Dragonfly Spirit-Leather Necklace Kit-Quantity 1

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Create a "Dragonfly Spirit" necklace for a peaceful and simple look. A dragonfly is a powerful spirit guide when it appears in your life. As a rule, when a dragonfly comes into your world, expect the power of transformation and change to be close behind.

The kit includes a mix of leather - metal - brass - bone - and colorful ceramic beads. Strong and statement-making, this is a standout on its own or layered with your other favorites.

The "Dragonfly Spirit" bead kit includes everything you need to make a necklace as shown on our blog. 

The Bead Kit Includes:

Casting Beads-13mm Ornamental Tube-Green Patina-Quantity 1
Ceramic Beads-8x5mm Rectangle Tube-Seafoam Splash-Quantity 1
Ceramic Beads-6mm Round Disc-Turquoise-Qty. 1
Carved-13mm Rondelle Bead-White With Black Lines-Quantity 1
Carved-10mm Rondelle Bead-Off White With Black Rings-Quantity 1
Findings-4mm Round (ID) Jump Ring-18 Gauge-Open-Raw Brass-Quantity 1
Casting Connector-10x12mm Bar Connector-6 Hole-Antique Bronze-Quantity 1
Casting Charm-17x12mm Tiny Dragonfly-Antique Bronze-Quantity 1
Casting-17x12mm-Oval Spiral-Two Hole Connector-Antique Bronze-Quantity 1
Findings-Two Inch Eye Pin-Brass-Quantity 1
Leather Cord-1mm Round-Natural Charcoal Grey-1 Meter
Carved-17x38mm Oval Pendant-Brown-Quantity 1
14mm Rondelle-Brown With Rings-Quantity 1

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Basic Bead Stringing and Wire Knowledge Required.

Dragonfly Spirit Instructions: Attach the dragonfly charm to the end of an eye pin with a jump ring, string the three beads, end with a wired wrapped loop. Fold the leather in half, insert the loop through the focal bead and run the other ends through the loop. String the next three beads as shown over the double strands of leather. Run both strands of leather up through the connector and down the second hole. Run each strand of leather up through the ends of the first hole of the six strand connector, cross in the center and run down the second hole of the connector. Establish the necklace length (approximately 12 inches or more, depending on the length you would like) tie a knot using both strands, leave a 2-inch space, add the bead set and end with another knot, trim the end. Enjoy : )

All Sizes Approximate - Finishes Vary